Taubman College is pleased to invite you to join our team on the cloud-based platform Paperspace. Paperspace provides you with access to a group of cloud-based Windows computers funded by Taubman College. These machines are intended to support College work while access to computing resources on-site are limited, to increase the complexity of work students can undertake, and to reduce the demands on student’s own computers.

Each machine provides users with the following features:

32Gb of RAM
A powerful graphics card
A College software set including:
ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro
Creative Cloud
Autodesk applications
Rhino with V-Ray, Enscape, and Bongo

Paperspace machines have some unique characteristics:

1). It is important you don’t leave your personal work on the machines. While only one person can use an individual virtual machine at a time, every user is logged onto one shared Windows account. Please use Google Drive, Box or DropBox to download your work to the machine and to upload and then delete it when you are finished working.

2). When you are finished be sure you use the Windows “Shutdown” option and not just Logoff or close your Paperspace client; this will ensure the virtual machine is no longer running. The machines bill for each minute they are running.

3). Please help keep these machines available.These machines are best used for work that benefits from high-performance capabilities (complex mapping, modeling, using multiple Creative Cloud applications, and modeling, animation, and video rendering) where less demanding computing (writing, web work, Zoom, etc.) could be done with personal machines.

After completion of the form below you will receive an invitation from Paperspace to join the Taubman College team.

Please follow these steps once you receive the invitation:

a) When clicking the link to join, log in using your University email address. Your account will initially land you in your “Private Workspace”.
b) To complete joining the Taubman College Team, select the menu showing “Private Workspace” at the top of the screen.
c) Choose “Manage Team”
d) On the screen that displays, look at the bottom for “Pending Team Invitations”.
e) Once you accept that invitation, you will be a Team Member

Taubman IT will assign you to a group of machines the following day (Monday-Friday).

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback please contact: taubmancollegepaperspace@umich.edu

We hope these resources will be valuable to your work in the upcoming semester